September, 2016

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Ans. — We refer the Inquirer to our advertising pages. We sre

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three times a day or other appropriate measures. Kefir some-

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has occurred ? We know that immobility of a joint in-

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Beco, and in only 9 was pneumococcemia evident. In two mild

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and irregularity to asphyxia complicated by convulsions in the


of a small cocoanut.. completely occluding the pylorus


was applied to the transverse colon between the layers of the

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leaf between the injured cortex and the dura. I believe

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and therefore can not be elected from among the dele-

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and maintain a proper lumen, as better than subjecting the

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unit in all matters that tend to accomplish the objects for

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Hughes, Spring Place, Ga., and J. J. Stringer, Oak Vale, Miss.,

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tralia, from Queensland, a case is reported at Pinkenba, at the

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pains in the legs, 78.67; aUxia in legs, 70.62; vesical dis-

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10 Akromegaly, with Report of Two cases. W. O. Shallcross.

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Association of Military Surgeons of the United States, St. Paul,

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the hair and an unusually small number of blood corpuscles,

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a clinical picture closely simulating acute phlegmon.

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Surgeons. — The next session of this Association will be on

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the operation a quart was injected into the veins, followed by

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required to reach the external fascia. The tissues were care-

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is combined with the resorcin. With fuchsin and resorcin for

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working harmoniously as the male part of the population, the

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is very materially aided by cold friction baths. There

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This Committee reported as follows: Your Committee would

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he thinks that it is probably a part of the center for

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Wechsberg studied the action of this hemolysin on the

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stitution and. died at the age of 73, of pleurisy. There were

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these departments. The sum of $200,000 has been made avail-

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.5 eg. at a time. If the dyspnea from the arteriosclerosis is

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either temporarily or more or less permanently, in the

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Cues by the Author's Method. John A. Wyeth, New York City.

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use of egg membrane as an absorbable material for this