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are sick people and their care is the province of the
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is that it is due to undue traction on the cord in the
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pigs Avas examined daily or on every alternate day by Dr. A. W.
months at least nuist elapse before any evident re-
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The militia cavalry, artillery, and infantry camped
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of the wound was sutured and the whole covered with antiseptic dressings.
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it was not d-fficult to get it to change this posture
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stract of it, and then showed him the advance copy.
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bility and generosity of the medical profession as a
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if true, they antagonize at the outset an audience of presumably intelli-
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ate doses is concerned. It goes without saying that in fully compen-
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a total of SOI cases reported. The deaths, under two years
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Mr. Spencer's patient had recovered good general health, could swallow
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empyema." The usually direct style is occasionally varied by inversion,
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semble, in staining characteristics and morphology,
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to describe amputations, excisions of joints, and ligations of arteries.
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ing then to find that in the past, when political con-
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makes over 1,000 reactions, since repeated reactions
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neurophiles, 72; eosinophiles, i; mast cells, i. Urine:
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If there is extensive descent of the urethral segment
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along the trp.vel of the lever, and will safely guard
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school, through its secretary, Dr. C. J. Marshall. The
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cul-de-sac with the vermiform appendix, as the focus of
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would indicate that the secretory fibres are rather
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say, in addition to subserving a general, beneficent purpose, has its value
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Quoted in Dublin Hasp. Gaz., February 1, 1846, 189). The members
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cleansing the scalp in seborrhoea: Sapo. cast, alb., 3J ; alcohol, ,5 j ; ether
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virulence is such that one-fifth of a milligramme of a fresh agar-culture
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tried ; so that we have no hope of proving an CEdi-
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apparently nasal in origin for the lacrimal duct on this
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tricle cause congestion of the right ventricle and the veins of the general
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at least no albumose. The urine was examined before the ingestion of the
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bibliographic research, it hardly seems necessary to write " AVilHam "
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hardening of tissue, but in no case was there finally abscess ; whenever
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In one instance where the patient failed to have the bowels thoroughly
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facts, however, which justify us in concluding that
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who was thoroughly imbued with these could not go far wrong in his