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a case where the skin became so constricted over the chest by the

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use for the treatment of the ordinary forms of chorea in the Lon-

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power, operating as a vital stimulus, or vital depressant, or

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which he owes to community and his own honor, and to labor with

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Institutes, and not elsewhere, as the work is copyrighted).

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unimportant, but the more weighty and complicated questions of pro-

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In such a case the lesion is at the sphenoidal fissure

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abundance and with but little trouble. The quantity yielded by

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he has to say, and not to fire insinuations from behind a tree.

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be located near the cervix, or quite remote from the fundus, it

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ted, but not to the extent to produce inflammation. 2. Leucorrhceal

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3d. That meningitis usually commences with headache.

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surfaces, which have been made known to us, by Dr. Hardy of

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jects as the stimulants proved to be? In truth, this source of

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experiment was accelerated, fell first to its natural rythm, and

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blood becomes more and more negative, after it leaves the

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for hydrochloric acid. The red color which was produced was

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ther, while she had observed that, within a few weeks, her

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discharge pus through a small fistula. The ulceration probably

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ditions of the economy at large, as also of particular organs which

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the date, May, 1850. I shall undertake to show that this

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and external measures have been tried, without satisfactory re-

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From their strength, thickness and toughness, as compared with

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tegrated in the production of mental, vital and muscular

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In the feathered tribes, it is between one hundred and four

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Even those surgeons who were enticed into a trial of this plan

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we have never failed, except in one instance, and that in consequence

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just beneath the inner bark. No visible effect, in either case, of the influence

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prepared to fill all orders, <fca We would be doing injustice to the author,

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3. " Removal of Adenoids from the Vault of the Pharynx " — L. C. Kline,

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These views refer to the method adopted by the early obstetrical

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English language, and reflects high credit upon its learned and indefatiga-

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consequent, though indirect, application to the fibrillae of the sen-

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size. All the cells of the filaments in apposition, take part in

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they were startled from it by a trifling noise, it bounded at

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which was openly entertained when a teacher myself, that the

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often slight or entirely absent in the commencement of the attack,

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young man, that had been strangulated for the greater part of a day ; size

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