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without one or the other of the signs ; so, again, " p.
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guished colleague, Charles D. Meigs, M. D., Emeritus
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times an S-shape, and had its flagellum inserted at the middle
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* Caelius Aurel. De Morb. Acut et Chron., Lib. I. cap. xr. not. xvi.
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rather than direct falsehood. Lawyers stand in pro-
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Culture " is the title of a monthly, now at its fifth
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(7) In case of suit the doctor being sued shall have the privilege of deciding
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and at meetings of Medical Societies, in newly published
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associations, the assertions of illustrious patrons, the
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quire original experimental research, analysis, or obser-
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um Meerschweinchen in gutem Gesundheitszustand zu erhalten, sie verlieren
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commonly considered to be the result of experience,
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t See Dr. Simpeoo's Beauoks at Meeting of Edin. Med. Chir. Soc
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Oryzanin, ein Bestandteil der Reiskleie und seine physiologische Be-
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Wenn man die Geschichte dieser interessanten Krankheit liest, sieht
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riche eu faits relatifs aux ulteratiuus des nerls."
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1826, David S. Dodge, — , New York City, May 23, 1869.
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George K. Taylor, and Edith S., daughter of Henry Spear,
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(From the Biochemical Department of the Lister Institute.)
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its splendid curriculum and strong staff is a monument, in part at least, to
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