September, 2016

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El Fureidis. By the Author of " The Lamplighter," &c.

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supervision of the exhibit of the condition and work of the

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and the Supreme handling of things in their univer-

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June 4, 1806 it was voted that the same committee should draw up

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A spirit of competition considered honorable in purely business transactions

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instrument to include the lighting and heating as well as the use and occupancy

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cared for. Even while we are writing, another illus-

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sue their legitimate calling intelligently and hon-

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the first year four essays were handed in, three of them of such

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That the President be requested, in nominating the Committee to Procure

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to a Fine of One Hundred Pounds, to be recovered by the

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Dexter, John C. Warren and James Jackson presented a letter to

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extent of territory they are designed to include, the number of Fellows of the

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products, may be due to the reduction of substance B to alcohol whereby it

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of procuring books &c. and that the same be accounted for to the Counsellors,

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The quotation from the record shows careful attention to the

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More than two-thirds of the schools are now supplied

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teen physicians of Boston shows an exact correspondence, word for

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their members’ use has been referred to in the introductory

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committee of five, with the same membership, to report to the

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month, the others recovering only to have a second attack at the sixth

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means of the l>ody alone, resembling a Spirochete, with

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0» CO 'rj* CO CO *1 X CJ »C cc "-r «-C '^ T l- ^ iiC CI » CI "-f CI ^ CI

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Zur Beantwortung dieser wichtigen Frage werden wir das vorhandene Tat-

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time to time, in the discretion of said society or its government, to the col¬

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the committee. It was ordered further that “all communications

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is to be found in the By-Laws of 1826 although names were marked

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ruled that the major part of the charge for the dinner should be

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age of those to whom certificates were issued during the last

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believed, and that the opportunities for observation

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dered him so noted as a brilliant operator, as well as j

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had been treated successfully by an eminent practi-

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J society of the present day, which is no less surpris-