September, 2016

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fever (107.8 degrees Fahrenheit), rigors and delirium.
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whole of his baggage, instruments, &c, was lost,
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to see, at this distance, why there should have been any doubt
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and the sanitary condition of the Institution. It is
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congenital in a majority of cases ; less than thirty
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Dr. Woodbridge Strong of Boston moved indefinite postponement
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that the transmissible nature of puerperal fever ap-
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inaugurated February 5, 1902, when President F. W. Draper an¬
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high concentration a slight retardation may be produced.
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The patient was very dull, submitting to the prepa-
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Butler— In Brooklyn, Sept. 7, Mrs. Helen M., wife of
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may have been present, but were so scarce in comparison with
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have been vaccinated, it is almost uniformly mild, and rarely, if
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non-resident fellows, about two hundred and twenty in number,
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secretary of the society, which committee shall serve with the owners as
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Medical Society in such a manner that all legislative matters shall be reported
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