September, 2016

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ciation, Dr. J. G. Thomas has the following remarks :
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uniformity of action by the different boards was necessary and the
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sifted; and they afforded much gratification to all those who were
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editors, and it is to be hoped that this subject will be
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too plain for beginners ; and as I do not expect the
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the directors and with the approval of the editor-in-chief, an editor or editors,
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of a State Board of Health, for the purpose of looking after the sanitary inter¬
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filled with mercury over which the liberated oxygen coidd be collected and
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operation is so generally performed is, not in reality
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Blood volume 493-1 c.c. = 6-49 "/„ of body weight,
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Ueves that the typhus syncopalis of a preceding gen-
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Library in 1872. Apparently both Dr. Bowditch and Dr. Watson,
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drops tr. belladonnas, and at 7.45 left the patient
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nothing in these workshops which can efface it, any
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his censors. At the stated time an examination is held in each
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of cases are given in the Letter of Mr. Storrs, contained in the
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say here that the changes do not merely consist in the simple disappearance
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5. Name, mentioning illustration of each, the various parts
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the use of the lancet has just as frequently been fol-
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state but to the scientific world in which he had already
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will never be known. Appleton meant more to the society than a
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futterte iiltere Kinder mit sterilisierter Milch, aber unter Zusatz von Apl'el-
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■1 any other branch of trade. In point of fact, physi-
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in connection with the University of Wisconsin, during the
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with Lieutenant Colonel Brickett in a house under the western side of the hill
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cine of Bordeaux, had occasion to observe many sol-
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Then follow committees of two or three for each of the following
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9^yu*rz7 t^rcsAd*- A&sPty, -7 &Ad X **y*y ~
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mates of the different stories of houses in Palermo,
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gressed the rules of proper conduct, or were alleged to have done
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should not insist on the presence or absence of the
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auch in England Pellagraf alle von Sambon und Chalmers (171) beschrieL .