September, 2016

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danger; in the latter, the mind is depressed out of proportion to the actual

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The enlarged Reporter now enables us to offer more pages of reading

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ologist develops further information respecting the uses of albumen in

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of the symptoms of aneurism, and indicates its situation to be at the right

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examination of a patient affected with rheumatism, a mitral murmur is

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The clinical history, after the discharge takes place, will, of course,

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searches, ascertained this law, viz., whenever a tuberculous affection occurs

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The accumulation of property he almost wholly disregarded.

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system has been reduced below the normal standard, by over-

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and the recovery is more apt to be complete. As regards the selection of

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known to science and experience to bring about this result.

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introduced into the serous cavities they produce a much more

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that of pea-soup or gruel. The sputa are sometimes solid, remaining dis-

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meal on the day previous, and had all within an hour been taken

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to be useful. The evidence of its usefulness is the relief of pain, together

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with mere attention to hygiene. Bloodletting is not called for except in

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very period alluded to, a lady from that vicinity was under Dr. E.'s

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the preservation of a definite size and form during the constant molecular

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powerful impression than when taken into the stomach; absorp-

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case of amaurosis in a female laboring under granular disease

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Rheumatism of the abdominal walls is also to be excluded. According

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»11 excessive. I recommend tri.l to all who arc f^t^lTs "ifouTs" "'*"s?l?J,i,t>.nf ""fsS'""

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infer the same effects to be produced when the same reagents are admin-

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which the coexisting organic disease is of a kind to favor sudden over-ac-

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Under such circumstances the avoidance of all depressing remedies,

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ments, some of which are organic, i. 6?., peculiar to organized bodies, and

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and repulsive characteristics of the crude blood-root, and other

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her on the fifth day of the attack. She had then a high fever, flushed

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occasional sequel or concomitant of scarlatina, measles, and continued

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expected that the former would advance in proportion to the progress of

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surgical operation. I called at his house at 8 o'clock, to remind

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Several fatal cases of bites from rattlesnakes have occurred in

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wise founder of our State had taught that the reformation of the

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distribution of blood is impeded and nutrition impaired ; and it occurs

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throughout the morbid mass. They are not to be pronounced absent until

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practitioner to avoid this error. In 113'dro-peritoneum, the enlargement,

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of the cessation of the catamenia, a small tubercle or slight

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the intercostal spaces are pushed out to a level with the ribs or even be-