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tology, Biutherford's. The Mayne scholarship, value £15, is awarded
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utensils. The spores are highly reslstanLfto heat, and pasteurization tempera^tures do
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all of tbeir Primary examinations will bave tbe privilege of free
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and which arise in the dilated vessels of the thyroid gland, are characteristic
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stomach is usually coal-black. Well-marked parenchymatous degeneration of
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In an unbroken series these mildest forms of attack pass over into the
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(1) Sound is used to detect leaky butter which sloshes when the plug Is
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similar class conducted by a teacher recognised by the University
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gram, Fig. 197), corresponding to those muscles which we have found to
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as a correct conception (as far as possible at the present time) of the nature
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sibility do not involve all the forms mentioned alike, but that one kind of
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or somewhat deep pressure, may cause the liveliest outcries and shrinking.
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the cerebral cortex forms the best-known portion of the doctrine of cerebral
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known reason no lymphaemia develops, although a relative lymphocytosis is
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We need add nothing as to the prognosis and treatment of unilateral
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Physicians and Surgeons of Edinburgh, including fees for ezaminationy
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The candidate for a medical degree must reside nine terms at the
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disease. In the early stages, in particular, where there is much depression,
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for vision, hearing, and smell which have just been described, occupy only
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hypertonia, but with hypotonia, and shows no increase of the tendon reflexes,
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occur in this way only in hysteria, are also common — hiccough, loud sobbing,
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JI!r*L!2t]E!!Ll!^,f^ ^^^^ comf^t4o«s Wstyre^ sts«te. and i4»«tft), fur-
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butter, fresh meat, eggs, simple puddings, artificial foods, etc., are appropri-
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anatomical relations between the position of the different portions of the
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appended to the name d the recipient in aU lists d graduates.
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cles in gymnastics, walking, arid the like. The different forms of apparatus
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£12 ; when candidate is B. A. cmd M.B., £6 ; when candidate is M.A;
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and indefinite ones referable to the head, it may last a very long time. It is
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weight, when the digestion is once more reestablished. Menstruation may be-
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finally the coma becomes so profound that even these reflex actions cease.
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during the initial stage of the disease (when, of course, the diagnosis cannot
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which touch. For this reason, in man, the function of " touch " is chiefly
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neck, and disturbances in the distribution of the cranial nerves (especially
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of the skin, which are manifest toward only one or more forms of irritation,
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we may hope for recovery, or at least actual improvement, even with extensive
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{mns Of f «iK T OH AND csri't i «ion ijujt c tivi i
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each other, so that, under normal conditions, the position of our body in
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been said, mainly in a degenerative destruction of the nerve fibers. We do
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eration, of course, develops in both lateral pyramidal