September, 2016

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Society. It is perhaps unnecessary to add that a fee-table prescribed to the
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shortly after Dr. Ware’s death. Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes read a poem in
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contained in the first article; the annual meeting was to elect as
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territory became a part of the city, beginning with Roxbury in
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to a Fine of One Hundred Pounds, to be recovered by the
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in hospital, 5,675 ; household expenses for each pa-
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goodly share to the success of the new society. In the year 1789 he lived on
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1 A friotional pull of Slbe. increased by hull' an ounce when the velocity of pedalling
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present number of Fellows exceeds two hundred. Publications of important
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Harvard College when fourteen years of age. Here he took the degree of
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Coal ; of fire, snake bite cured by application, 284.*
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ing, pain in the back, and general illness. In the in-
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Berkshire society had accepted the charter the previous year and
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hours of study, or from some improper habits, or for
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A. duodenale, but it has been found, with certainty, in the gorilla.
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XV. S< 'hi M)l -houses. Sit 's and Valuations 10 132
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that the use of light wines and beer in moderation was not seriously detri¬
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bequeathed his house to the First Church in Beverly and for many years it
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Stuart— Lynch. October 13th, 1869, at the residence
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lard and Prof. Bell, in which the Editors call upon the
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104. Leeds and Davis, On the clinical value of sterilised milk. Anier. Journ. of Med. Sc.
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ruary, 1893, through Dr. Walcott, that the National Board of
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and the same Bartlett, having had an opportunity given him to lay before
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gress, — a voice of grateful recognition for the social
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pearance characteristic of parasitic hair. The body
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treatment being entirely effective. It has ever ap-
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foot-sweat." The skin itself, however, when cleans- <:
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to it; for the principle of iienetrativeness, as well
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ed priority for a discussion on vaccination which was
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have been carefully collected from i)ersonal inspection. An
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Caofflj ayp's (llik.) L,ti»ka: A W^hcas^ Book. 1 TtL
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and, as might be expected, after a time relapse into
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annual meeting as might be and to notify the treasurer of de¬
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restored “on the condition that he promptly pays his indebtedness
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copies on hand, September 30, 1888. The money received for
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