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with sodium nucleinate or ammonium formate [1912, pp. 216, 217; Euler
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the importance of shielding their afflicted ones from
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this country, but now, we are happy to say, it is put
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wealth was to be divided into districts, a new district being formed
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onium will immediately follow ; having been pressed
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disease had at different times and places been limited,
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claimed that l-1000th of a grain of dried blood may
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probably because of the expense of the first volume; the next
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and there is much less risk in a temporarily relaxed
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cently given a very good account of both forms from Birtish house-flies, and while
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and two grains of bark to a drachm. If we wish to com-
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smallpox of the consulting physicians of the city of Boston, in 1837, outlining
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“ Voted, That the Censors of the Massachusetts Medical Society be, and
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practice of surgery, it still should be reserved for 5 i
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ments in this direction. The new buildings are invariably
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exclusion of other remedies, such as tonics, iron and
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alkalies, the resulting aldehydes possess a branched and not an open-chain
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censors of the Suffolk District to examine candidates at large. The
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L meals were a dread to him, instead of a hope, and
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to his benefactor the composition of his extraordinary
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until those of Prevost and Domas, or even later, it
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Dr. Amory’s paper, it was Voted , That Drs. Amory, Adams, Crowell, Hodgdon,
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into a t^pid solution of soap, which has the effect of
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Condensation of crotonaldehyde with pyruvic acid and oxidation of the
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thereby contnl>ute to the elucidation of this phenomena in
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ti&~ Medical Society and Clinical Reports, Notes and
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that shone upon its primeval strata. Its steady cir-
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increased pressure, relax sooner than they otherwise
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“The design of the above institution is, “to promote medical and surgical
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of matter, and the nicety of the senses. And if this
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masters of the beginning of this century, and espe-