September, 2016

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hemorrhages, but recovered rapidly after his wife's death, and

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work tends to keep him more or less isolated with but

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and the University of Glasgow, has, after examination, been

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Summit Avenue, one of the most beautiful residence streets in

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disease, for it may happen that the latter has been of long or short duration ;

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peripheral and i;entral nervous influences and from the sym-

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should be no question as to the facts, no conjectures as

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As the patient's strength was rapidly sinking, and the abdomen had become tender on

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valves. In Lewis's case, the pulse was at first firm and incompressible, but

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A. A. Surgeon W. 8. Walkley, granted leave of absence for two

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counting cases healed with minute fistula? requiring

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tened and firm, though somewhat elastic thickening of

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tion, which occurred at least every half-hour during both day

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absence of any inclination on the part of the dogs to

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language, whilst in a nascent state, both combine, with an excess of saline

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responsibilities limited to the narrow circle of his ow^n household. Society

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that in no case should the knife be carried so far through

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in indigo and oxalic acid when compared with previous

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renewed at shorter intervals, was preceded by rattling and followed by

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therefore undertaken with a complete recovery. At the

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small amount. The paracentesis wound healed rapidly and

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patient to ihe surgeon. Directions were given that any man who had a

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springs. Chemically it is composed of iron, alkalies, phos-

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the objections lie so forcibly as in reference to Medical Institutions. The

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at the moment. As regards the etiology, he doubts the causa-

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were appointed a committee for the purpose of drawing up "a summary

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vived without showing any signs of smallpox or vaccination.

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the blood-vessels and adhesions betwen the mucous membrane

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tion normal ; percussion, anteriorly, on the right, resonant to the fourth rib,

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a quarter of an inch from its point, the remainder of the in-

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ounces, and a report of the pathological examination made by

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but acts upon the mucous membrane as a counter-irritant. If this opinion

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healthy skin. Cross incisions should be made likewise.