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Concerning the controversy which was carried on between the
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5. The increment of concentration varies with the initial concentration.
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lie the severely wounded, with scarce a groan among
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Kulimilch und robe und gekochte Ziegenmilch, weshalb ein Vergleich der
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addition to the technique of the cultivation of tissues in vitro. Journ. exp. Med. 14.
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atrophied lustreless shaft, and the completely atro-
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Resolved, That the council of the Massachusetts Medical Society endorse the
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original, or that it will be universally successful.
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mortality of children in manufacturing cities and on
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may lead us to conjecture that there was a class of
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We therefore in persuance of the unanimous vote of the members so assembled,
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151. Derselbe, On the permanent life of tissues outside of the organism. Ibid. 15. 516. 1912.
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Billings, Landseer, Harvey, and Faed. This Edition contains
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that is a disqualification for the practice of medicine or surgery.
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69. Janet Lane-Clay pon , Value of boiled Milk as a Food for Infants and young Animals.
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of visiting this girl, and has communicated the result
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DAVID WILLIAMS CHEEVER 1 (1831-1915), Boston surgeon, was born
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would appear that only young dogs are liable to attack and Liefmann
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the work done by the hospital staff, with the data easily accessible for anyone
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compilation of the statutes now in force relating to the society
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paper. Readers are left entirely under the impression that he is dealing
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have adopted lists of text-books. This would leave but six-
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taking out any other book for the term of six months; also that
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Journal with his article in it, I then had a negro un-
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tuitrindarreichung einige Osteomalaziefalle gi'mstig zu beeinfiussen, versuchte
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everything but old age, — and possibly for that also.
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stained by floating them rapidly through an alcoholic solution of Congo-red