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History of my Pets. With six fine Engravings. Scarlet

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of time, with the title: “On Several Narcotic Vegetable Substances,” he de¬

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104. Leeds and Davis, On the clinical value of sterilised milk. Anier. Journ. of Med. Sc.

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have been built within the past two years, and others will

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in Ankylostoma caninum. Centralbl. f. Bad. Orig. XL. 740-741.

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interessanteste Ergebnis zu sein, welches die obige Theorie zutage forder

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Of Arthur Cabot, the man, I have already spoken somewhat; it remains to

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covered book of five hundred and sixty-two pages, containing a

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A radical reform is needed in both the construction and

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ease in either the copora striata or optic thalami.

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alteration in the texture of the bones, is transient in

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the state. So it has remained since that time, the committee being

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near the period of a solar eclipse, we deem it proba-

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care in which it was of the greatest service, I have

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Experience is said to be a good teacher, and yet it

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chusetts Medical Society, and then another three years before final

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physician of a Parisian hospital, to the observation of

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Milch zu der Reihe der Nahrungsstoffe, in welchen die antiskorbutische

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Wright Gay, was born at Swanzey, New Hampshire, January 14, 1842. His

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have fallen under his notice, that the puerperal fever

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as to whether the ovals become crescents. Further, we are

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Sits apart from the society of others all her time,

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quantity of the fluid ( caustic) should not exceed a