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respiratory center (sec p,ii;-e :;.")! ). and it uia\ ,ibo be so for those .if

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of ))(plMssiiiiii and cahMiliii salts las cliloridei were added to tlie sodium

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Johns Hopkins Hospital. There are cases in the literature which, as Barlow

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.■I <I<'.'|) irispiratjnii. ami the .'ontiartnl alM|,,ininal iiius.-lcs press the ,|i,-,

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the cut section. The name "amyloid" was later applied by Virchow to the

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egg ; they possessed cellular capsules, and appeared,

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bi Woolley,* who prefers the term mesothelioma to any of the other names.

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mottling appears and gradually the second stage of the process is produced.

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renal tuberculosis in the true sense of the word, and Kronlein, therefore,

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the behavior of the artery witii the iiul.satinfr movement of a spriiii;

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really of coiistaiil \mIiic, witli cii/ynic a.-tion it is not so. Tims, mImmi

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Such a goitre rarely reaches considerable size. A notable enlargement is

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too low. On the other hand, extreme hypertrophy and excessively high

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The essential pathological lesions are, as already said, apparently in the

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unheralded by warning symptoms, is not clear. Apparently there is a cumu-

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males : its attacks on the latter, indeed, appeared

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elottini:. It i pi'nhalde. as suifu'ested liy StaiTmir. that more inteiisiw

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croscope J and that which exhibited the best illus-

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'I-'linil.. plan, m lij.-li v;iri..s s.,ni..ul,at uill, ili,. typ.. of ..n/y,,,,. ...nplox...!

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(Iclniiiiiic.l Tlic simplest iiiii! until recently the iiinsf acciliiife iiietliixi

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stiitf. TliHt the CO, tension .,) thi' alvfoljn air >li(>nl<l |p.- I'i.uikI In li.

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as causative factors. Syphilis as a factor in the production of the disease

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have only to assume a difference in the localization of the process conmion

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study of the involved bone. Many pathologists (e. ^., v. Recklinghausen)

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water, covered with blankets, and allowed to lie there for an hour or two,

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degenerative changes in the ganglion cells and capillary hemorrhages in the

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■ •iiiiph' ot' sncii a ease is i^ixcii in i^'ii:. Ktl. In dniilitl'iil eases the e.xaet

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them to undergo many hardships. In every instance it is an essentially

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disturbance, and instead of pursuing their normal growth are transformed

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ment shall have been decided upon in regard to tumor classification, we can-

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causes must be eliminated, which is usually an easy matter.

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When these changes occur they are constant in affected muscles. Of

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feiied tliroiiiili ii livinir memliranc contrary to tlio simjilcr laws of os-

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Drugs are sometimes used so freely as remedial agents as to induce neph-

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s[>ark and breeze have been reported as producing valuable results. They

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payment therefore represents the quotient obtained by dividing the amount