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admit females as students to our State medical schools and hospitals.”
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to the honor of Philadelphia, as a seat of medical learn-
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At the same period, Dr. Bowditch was making careful investigations also
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were seldom equaled, the number being about ten or twenty at a
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Pro - Flagellate, Selenornastix ruminant i um (Certes)
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as by the direct observation of patients in the suc-
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no particular difference of activity in the two cases.
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often struck me in contrasting the results of heart-
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of New Jersey. This merits considerable attention, for a state
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ford some contra-indications ; still it is known that
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in extent, and almost incapable of expansion, do not afford
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visable to remove the dead portion with the scissors.
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regularly established in 1849, rather than as a successor of the
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swered. In the theory and art of teaching there was a.
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head of the penis was lost ; and a third instance of
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stick of nitrate of silver is then inserted to the depth
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amination showed his urethra much dilated so that it
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“Voted that the secretary distribute these regulations to the
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and it was largely due to his efforts that the present library building of the
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committee on elimination of unprofitable work from the
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[39. Bridre, Recherches sur le cancer experimental des souris. Ann. de l'Inst. Past. 21.
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with any of his illustrious disciples. He is one of
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Weinberg, M. and Leger, M. (1908). Recherches cliniques et experimentelles sur
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pared beforehand, for their own guidance. This is a series