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extent of this fluctuation is shown by the fact that while for

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of the by-laws, the last being issued in 1893. It was not surprising

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returning from the right auricle was collected in the thoracic cavity,

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Arts and Sciences and of the Massachusetts Medical Society praying that the

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8th, 1869, Stephen T. Birdsall, M. D., of New York City,

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spine envelopes the cord so loosely, would show that

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ton, secretary, and W. S. Axtell, of Burlington, treasurer.

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governor April 1, 1834, and they offered a copy of this bill of five

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treatment introduced by Prof. Hebra, and used in certain

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medical studies with Dr. William Clark, of Boston, and after five years sailed

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of greater or less interest occupied the attention of the society.

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the analysis of individual diseases. A great deal has

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tions, but it does not stand out at all in life (contrast the

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ary 2, 1870. This was the former residence of Thomas Handasyd

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society or some other member appointed for the purpose, digest

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“ Voted , That the reasons assigned by Dr. Williams are satisfactory and that

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ment one of these censors, who must be also a councilor, was to

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artery, a quarter of an inch below its bifurcation,

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sulphate of zinc, alum, or tannin, in the proportion

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membership changes; many of the programs of the district society

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former belonging to the medical profession to inquire into and to solve, the

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school board, and from 1887 to 1900, acted as superintendent of schools. He

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ffi i sorbent glands which has been associated with the

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sulphates discharge a ferric hydroxide solution much more readily than

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make it a valuable part in a symmetrical and well com-

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clergy man’s remarks for in one of his letters to his friend Pearson in 1784 he

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never departs from this style. The Scotch accent is