September, 2016

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for controlling nraemic convulsions. Hydrate of chloral and bromide of
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Ohablxs Batson. Berised by the Bditor of ^The Book of the Babbit." [May
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followed as govern the use of all autipyi-etics. If, during the third and
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Prognosis. — Cerebro-spinal meningitis is always a grave form of disease,
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Digitalis should be employed only when some other antipyretic is given.
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standard. These are the typical thcrmomctrical variations of typhoid
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Auscultation. — The murmur of tricuspid reflux is heard with, or takes
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aneurism, but the throbbing is felt along the entire course of the aorta
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at once. Any obstruction to the nerve or blood supply, or the lymph
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effusions of air may take place within the tissues. If the pneumo-
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ing or jumping — is the etiological factor in about 20 per cent, of the cases.
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ture, which is the result of direct violence, there is
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This is a common cardiac lesion, and is always accompanied by more or
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hard ; later they soften and become cheesy. They may become fluid and
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apparently clean, but that it be surgically clean, which means that it
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Nwrsing Studewts.^^Jj&dies are instructed at the Infirmary. The
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move some obstruction. "With the first croupy paroxysm, however slight,
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est asepsis and a thorough acquaintance with operative technic. After
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the functions of the skin and bov/els, and thus afford the kidney com-
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plug in the posterior nares may be allowed to remain thirty-six hours
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or three months after the disappearance of the pericardial symptoms.
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ysis of the adductors is caused by compression of both recurrent nerves by
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from the time of inoculation, or from forty to sixty days after the
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development than scirrhus, and while proliferation of the epithelial struc-
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is unimpeded, the redness completely disappears under firm pressure, and
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turned over so as to cover it. After the edges of the flap have mited
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Niemeyer states that in the "croupous cystitis following cantharides
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weeks pass before they do so. When the stomach is irritable, the hypodermic
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come worn off. Sometimes the limb is left helpless. In order to secure
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