September, 2016

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Bartol, pastor of the West Church, but a few steps from Dr. Shattuck’s home,

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intermediate position as regards specificity. One species, Undnaria

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mastix. In a crescent which is not commencing to divide,

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surance; that is to say, that the fact that such insurance is carried by the

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commented upon. But the fact remains that a smaUer per

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leisure, between visits. Because he found that his patients were in the habit

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enlighten them on the dangers of all secret prepara-

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diese Substanzen der Nukleingruppe im weitesten Sinne des Wortes 7.uzu

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in consequence of the decay of the inner portion of

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points in the course of the disease. Thus, after four

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solution, and for dextrins by means of iodine. On account of the protein

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members present at the meeting on that date. The Inferior Medi¬

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As regards this publication the shelves of the Boston Medical Li¬

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arteigener und artfremder Milch. In diesen beiden Fallen scheinen die Er-

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two years as dresser at Guy’s Hospital in London and had studied

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means of corresponding with these spirits, which he

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library, for in that year the Royal Society of Medicine of Paris

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Suits for Malpractice, adopted in June of that year. In the interim

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cellar, Mr. Bacot placed receptacles containing water in his garden, foi

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of four years to be awarded to a student of limited pe-

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ever, of its objects and of its history to feel sure that

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held the Saturday before Commencement, they passed them.

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preceded the creation of each organism, or group of

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remain as to the identity of these bodies, it can be

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Procter— McMillan. At the residence of the bride's

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- CH (OH) . CH 9 OH which occurs twice in mannitol though only once in

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Selenomastix, however, we feel at presenl very doubtful

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swered. In the theory and art of teaching there was a.

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mouthpiece for the medical profession of New England it was the

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tary, holding only one perfunctory meeting each year, just after the