September, 2016

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the certificate of those schools, is a just recognition of the
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and he asked the fellows to get into touch with their district
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tain sum be paid by approved candidates upon their receiving letters testimo¬
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ing from licenses granted to candidates to practise, and a provision
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•Trypanosoma gray L, in Gl.jyalpalis, it is not improbable, I think,
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appeared until the middle of the day on which I was
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from maltose are almost equal to those given by glucose, and consequently
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population and in the number of practitioners of medicine through
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he found that two patients required his assistance.
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Further results will be shortly forthcoming with regard to the production
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higher aldehydes condense with acetaldehyde under the influence of dilute
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fig. 59) can be found ; and from such a stage to that shown
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and can be determined by the equation R = ^/j- , a being the volume of
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in isolated cases only, but according to its success
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change in blood volume and the number of worms present, and the
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if it were true. But it is one of those assertions that
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(Sonderabdruck aus dem »Zoologischen Anzeiger' Hd. XLIII. N:
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withdrawn gave the total blood volume. The details in the control
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8. If one-half of an acre of land is sold for three-fourths
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