September, 2016

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Henry H. Rutherford, (}eorge A. Zeller, Walter C. Chldester,

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Dr. William H. Bowe, St. James, has been appointed a

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prominent object of medication. Though my first class of these remedies

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the results have been so encouraging that he now describes it

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The second case, when seen for the first time, was accompanied with comfilete amau-

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Patents of interest to physicians, etc., March 6 and 12 :

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T. Paul and O. Sarwey. — In the sixth communication on this

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followed J whereas, in the tuphlo-enteritis, from diseased appendix vermi-

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mental condition changed, and all symptoms of inflam-

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needle. From that time the inflammation slowly subsided, suppuration

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intervals. Dr. Paris informs me, that a patient of his expectorated, in a

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were the kidney and pelvis apparently normal when I

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of Louisville; an introductory lecture, delivered at the opening of the Louis-

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cord ; Improvement at first. Increase In pulmonary tuberculosis :

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if lavage is continued daily for two or three weeks, and

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We can readily understand how in cystitis incited by

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or others, or who In any way, by sale or otherwise, promotes the

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containing the charges of which Dr. Cross complains in his pamphlet; I did

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suppuration extends from the ear to the brain, this propagation takes place

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purely historical research. 2. The only indisputable

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directions, and connecting them with numerous twistings of waxed threads. They are

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Charity Hospital^ New Orleans. — We have been favoured by Dr. E. H.

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Lansing City Hospital. — This institution will have the

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placed in a chair facing a strong light. I commenced the incision with a

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tion is of course wanting in all the additional matter contained in the

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rennet ferment as well, and in these cases the gastric

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perfection of execution in the narrow sphere of exertion, keep pace with the

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chyma and allows but little urine to filter through. The


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but appears clear; the syringing and ointment to be repeated. 24th. Dis-

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symptoms began to go off at the end of two hours. The next morning they

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from the king of Sicily, consists in the following process. Two pounds of