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the cord. Anterior polio-myelitis and posterior sclerosis are frequently
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was able, however, to go to school, and even to run about and play
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which it was attached to the mucous membrane of the intestine, was
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" Balm of Life " cures asthma — so it states on the
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vaccination having been perfect, was doubtful, leaving but one case»
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by appropriate intranasal treatment. The following experiments
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in the thyroid. The thyroid was of normal size (weight 0.28 gm.).
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added and it was kept in the ice box for 1 month. It was then tested
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as early as possible — as soon, in fact, as no other chance of success
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into the medium sized piles, from four to six drops;
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The blood drawn from the carotid 12 minutes after the injection
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or bowels He believed that an examination after death, in tbege
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thermore, these substances appear much earlier than is generally
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terizing large groups of cells, such as epithelium and connective tissue,
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pleural, pericardial and peritoneal cavities and in the meshes of the pia, mater.
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November last. Ghionanthus has been continued fairly sceadily—
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washing it out, or by the process found so successful in the case
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patient while about his usual avocations suddenly stops, or drops whatever
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which the muscle is filled and its fibres replaced as a new growth. Fat
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cause they are not repeated or continued sufficiently long.
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We shall now consider the respiratory movements. The results
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The clinical data on the five cases are given below.
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becomes more and more unfavorable ; patients sometimes lie in a comatose
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the ground ; one portion of the surface may be ansesthetie, another hyper-
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make paupers of hundreds of families, and thereby not only directly
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are the soldiers of the true faith. Of the numerous students who
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week and showed slight macroscopic changes with few bacilli, and under the
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serum taken from a dog on the 6th day after inoculation with pneu-
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conception is not a criterion for cell identification.
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the contrary, should produce hypertrophy of the remaining gland.
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water or broth were taken, though with strong efibrts, at regular
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a serous effusion will take place into the tunica vaginalis. The joints will