September, 2016

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The Legislature referred the petition to the next General Court.

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bride's parents, by the Rev. Wm. A. Scott, D. D., Mr.

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N. B — This copyright is not intended to prevent medi-

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obligate the Association to the payment of any damages awarded by decree

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Experiment 7. Flask No. 1. 10 cc. of washed dried Munich yeast

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S. W. BUTLER, M. D., D. G. BRINTON, M. D., Editors.

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At a meeting of the Committee, February 2, it was voted to send the follow¬

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Perkins, who edited the English edition, has given a

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Fig. '■'<■>. -A small individual in the very last stage of division.

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exactly similar to those found on the right forearm.

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Most of them are sufficient if they could be kept in a proper