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secretion of blood, fail. Prof. Bischoff remarks, that he could ne-

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a fissure in the very thin bone, or along the lymphatic

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For several years, I have fulfilled the first indication successfully

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tfra-indicated. Perhaps no other class of agents would be more

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utility that is known of external medication ; but the list is not

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chapters dedicated to foreign plants and products ; and in

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This diarrhoea was combined in many eases with vomiting and

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body, therefore, evaporation will take place from the skin and

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horse-car, by which a luxation of the left hip had occurred into

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ribs, together with such an additional piece of the sixth as was necessary

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mediate condition, which is known as " Irritation," occupies all

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dose of morphine, it was divided, and one half administered. The remain-

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very unwilling to allow an amputation — my own opinion about

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acid (eight to ten drops in six ounces of water) freshly mixed,

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tral spirits," pale or dark cognac, as may be desired, with car-

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mirable results ; and I may say so with the more confidence from

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introduced into their circulation, as the ~ i>st harmless animal

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vitreous becomes quite fluid, and frequently contains

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istic of the man in every respect. Clear, practical, sound, and

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and one can hardly conceive how life could have been sustained for so

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As to " congenital stricture," Dr. Mathews says : " This term

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menced, and to confine them within the bladder, by temporarily

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As we have before remarked, this affection, like cancer, seems to

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ly well ; but to those not so fortunately endowed, it may become

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tive treatment to those furnished by other plans. In two cases,

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and systemic capillaries. In the pulmonary capillaries, the

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more or less for three years. Expectoration slight, with occasional traces

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Case of Resection of the Right Elbow Joint for the relief of Caries and

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years. It is but right to state, however, that on this matter Mr. Gray dif-

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the chair of Professor of Anatomy in the Medical College of Georgia,

calan cambell society

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Discussion opened by T. J, Redling, M. D., Surgeon C. & N. W. R'y,

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when the operation was again performed, and a living child was extracted,

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tion ; perhaps it may be due to venous obstruction and engorge-

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the shoulder, is toward the head of the foetus — consequently, its

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the Inhalers, Magnetic-Bath doctors, Fit Curers, and the like, and they

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cut down upon the stricture, by external incision, divided it.

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waste of material must be the result ; but besides confining it, a

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others than men of energy and character had better stay out. I am aware