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censors, the act of February 10, 1789. The council was busy at
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of the Massachusetts Medical Society, “and to collect, as far as
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examinations, wliich is a strong incentive for i)upils iji the
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lias found that whatever be the morta- 7ia>y numbers the mortality which be-
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that the by-laws of the society in 1850 made no reference to the
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of the insane. A committee of three, consisting of C. F. Folsom,
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ARCHIBALD BRUCE MACALLUM, Beit Memorial Research Fellow.
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containing some of the Improvements which have lately been made
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permanent fund of said society; the same to accumulate at compound interest,
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appointed by the society. What the committee accomplished does
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ticle has given their first direction. After a certain
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die for every 10,000 females, the proportion in Hun-
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species, A. caninum. Four additional species have been recorded from
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185. Casa-Bianchi und Vallardi, Maisernahrung und Uberempfindlichkeit gegen Mais
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the petition was granted and the librarian authorized to deliver
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society without him during its first ten years. His letter of resig¬
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publicity, legislators have been little by little educated to the
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take possession of the said room until the said Vinal shall remove his school
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in the course of two or tliree weeks, and has grad-
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copper plate engraving of a Diploma for Honorary Members of the
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In infantile syphilis, the following formulae may be
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rvae during the season, and "autumn" ones, which hibernate and pro-
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6^" To insure publication, articles must be practical,
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5 nary one at full term." These fsetuses were fully de-
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the Council of War to care for the wounded after the battle of Lexington.
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Voted, “That the Committee on State and National Legislation be instructed to
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temperature which renders tin; parasites motionless, though
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