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a few days after delivery, from puerperal peritonitis.

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the Pacific coast, a correspondent states that on the

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medical progress with which he was so closely identified in the succeeding years.

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goodly share to the success of the new society. In the year 1789 he lived on

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“the cause they were sent forth to advocate has met with speedy and remark¬

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with more severity than ever. At length the follow-

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Moreover in view of the fact that not only was air excluded from the fermen-

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appended to a man’s biography, the number being limited only by

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a livid hue, skin cold and in half an hour from the time

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that time there was a visible pulsation in the right

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But I am conscious of the fact that these formulae are still far from being

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small oval calculus weighing two and a half dracl (

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252 cc. from the glucose, and 4"9 cc. from the autofermentation of the zymin.

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societies it followed as a corollary that the nominating committee

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or both of these methods, each of the sixty-four sub-

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respectfully request you to grant them a charter to establish them as the

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alcohol — the denser to the lighter — being the most

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Shattuck, one of the executors and trustees under the will of the late Dr. G. C.

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cases ; advised preeantioaar}' measures, and the practitioner had

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grounds and to the expediency of the latest Italian

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ity with its habitual inbibition is apt to diminish

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ing the green table, over which the game is played,

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cian," as should convince the most sceptical of the

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entered the building; and in this the art department was

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besonders von H. C. Ross und Cropper (144) verfochten wird, die als l*r-

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were conspicuous in behalf of the latter, and treated

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on a democratic basis, to over four thousand in 1922, representing

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recent authorities claim for it the virtues I have so

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and report what course should be pursued towards members who

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ed like our own, so that it is one of the most convenient

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for physiological analysis, if we can show that such

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(1749-1821) of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, surgeon of the Revolution.

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to which you refer in the hands of the professors of

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not aware that it makes any difference what prepar-

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of May annually, & none of them shall be again loaned before the day