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The brain of the albino rat, placed for a period in Miiller's
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peutical interference. After the paroxysms have ceased to recur, either
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Unacclimation is a condition pertaining to individual susceptibility.
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already referred to, we find the recoveries with males to be as
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Such are some of the predisposing and exciting causes
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holism, white cerebral softening, and disease of the heart. ^ It remains
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In varioloid the primary or eruptive fever, in the stage of invasion, is
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* Archives de Medecine, Jan. 1865, and London Lancet, Aug:. 1865.
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have seen before. The ear stands between the nose and eye
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bony matter, but can be made to move upon one another. On
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ment. Gymnastic exercises may sometimes be resorted to with profit.
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On the treatment of obstinate Ague, and of the supervening
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tion of the animals. The tone of the howl of one of them
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of abdominal walls, with marked frequency of pulse, prostration, haggard
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accelerated and strong. These characters of the pulse, however, should
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and the individuality of the neurofibrils, Cajal claimed to have
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certain cases, and denotes that constitutional state which exists in diph-
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matter in what light we view the application of the force in
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two or three per nunute, and death occurred two hours after the seizure.
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During the extension of the timnel space the superficial seg-
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an unfortunate habit to which females, more tlian males, are apt to become
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third and revised English edition. In one very handsome octavo volume, cloth $3 50
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lation may become so feeble that, without close examination, life may be
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seen extending obliquely between the vaitral border of the
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lips somewhat separated. She was unable to articulate, but uttered gut-
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through a two- fold medium, exists only while an instance of it
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the Practice of Medicine in the School of Physic, Physician
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tributed, are employed in conveying into the smaller placenta
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body of the foetus : he concurs, however, with Monro, that the
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mals. In the turtle fibers from the trigeminal nerve form a more
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It does not need to depend on its rate of activity for supremacy;
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pathetic S3rstem, with special reference to intrinsic sensory neurones.
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and cold applications to the head, sinapisms to the feet, blister-
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rience with the history of the operation given by Panizza, I can
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has been carried out it is sufficient to state that during the year 1877 it contained