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rest and attention to the secretions, together with local treatment of

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The clots which are formed are classified by some writers as active and

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The temperature usually rises one or two degrees, — in some cases it may

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ity. This muscular rigidity is apparently involuntarily produced, and

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morbid elements in the blood; such elements are very numerous, em-

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any of the three adjacent serous membranes may cause death, or this may

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take the virus directly from the cow ; this is called lovine yivxx's, ; the other

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of respiration, and the more intense dyspnoea, by its lower temperature, by

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dyle from the interarticnlar tlbro-cartilage, or there may be a subluxa-

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culation fail, the patient should immediately be suspended by his feet

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cavity having a distinct chocolate hue. This form of peritonitis is especially

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rism, it being nearly at right angles to the blood-stream from the heart."

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needled positive electrode and introduce it into the tumor while the

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some obstruction to the return circulation, perhaps, also, to a lack

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noea, the respirations often being increased to forty or sixty per minute.

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Later in the disease, there is orthopnoea, sudden startings in sleep,

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Painunga, Drawlnga. Photographa, and Engravinga. lUnatrated. By the Author

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will cause sufficient functional disturbance by its pressure to be easily

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process exists ; it is simply a stasis in the capillary circulation, accom-

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regulation of diet, cathartics being resorted to only in exceptional cases.

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confirmed by the testimony of many careful observers.