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the chest is dilated by liquid, although the patient be not in great distress

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cal examination shows destruction of the liver cells. Subsequently, pus

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before you came into this room ? What were you doing ?

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sporadic cholera, dyspepsia, and certain cases of colic. As a functional

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and Experimental Physiology, Minor Surgery, Bandaging,

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Addition of acid or acid-vegetable juices should be

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to have no control over the symptoms. But here it should be

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In the I/tmdon Laneet for Jane, 1851, will be found an

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^75.00. Third year jfioo.oo. Fourth year free to those la

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per, without ellbrt. On the contrary, if the aphonia be due to lar^^ngitis,

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toms of anaemia, with some anasarcous efiusion, general debility,

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low on the use of corl-liver oil, are, in a o;reat measure, taken from the author's

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but will give J 1000. 00 to any charity if we cannot prove the genuineness of this

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hermaphroditism'^ in the female, according to Professor Simpson's

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of compensation in the present world. He might without arrogance

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part of the abdomen, there being no evidence of obstruction at the pylorus,

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nitre in large doses, or even when nothing but the expectant

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disease may exist without producing any direct inconvenience.

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disease, are not readily reproduced. It iuduces, thus, the aniemic condi-

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The Eighty-Fifth Annual Session will begin October 1st, 1891, and

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disease has to be determined by other diagnostic features. A few parox-

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assumed that, exclusive of a small number of cases in which this disease

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space. The morbid sensitiveness of the inflamed pleura seems to me

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instruction in chemistry and normal pathological histology. All candidates for

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the two lungs is divided. In acute pneumonitis, the membrane lining the

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proved. The poultice was daily renewed until the last of October,

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The enlarged Reporter now enables us to offer more pages of reading

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gium alone with which we find the blood in contact so long as it

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One or two fluid drachms (more or less as indicated) three times 2

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may be saved. It is fair to attribute the large proportion of fatal cases

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to several pints, with flocculi of lymph at the bottom of the liquid. L3^mph

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I find that some of the questions are such as I could not have answered, or have

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discharged into the pericardial sac, giving rise to pericarditis, or into one

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he has been able to collect, amounting to fifteen in number, with

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* Dr. H. regrets to state that this case has termiDated fatally. The lady

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As we furnish no samples through the trade, wholesale or retail, for samples, directions, price-list, etc., address,

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over a thousand were found after death. They are not infrequently brought

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fide ao diligently salutem procurasse, qaorum interim nemo k me ali^s trac-

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stroys life ; and in the majority of cases the recovery is complete. I have

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that the urine was tested on the 7th of June, and found to be

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sion embraces recitations, clinical lectures and exercises,

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chronic lobular pneumonia, chronic catarrhal pneumonia, cheesy pneumo-

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It is appropriate to reckon among changes in composition, not onlv

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