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Kept in unchanged broth 4 months, average 12 strains
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management as evidenced by the preservation of order with-
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chusetts Medical Benevolent Society from 1871 to 1894. He was an excellent
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rest of his life there in the practice of medicine. At first patients were few and
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begun, a proceeding which today seems to be part of a long-
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since the labors of French hrematologists, and which,
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plete.” “Resolved, That these resolutions be published in the medical and other
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which coincides with the axis of the inferior strait,
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medicine, — and to report progress from time to time to the councillors.”
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ing : Tlie disease known as Puerperal Fever is so far
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regards matters of discipline by this committee, in 1920, the
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called special attention to the great significance of
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impossible of solution at that time. Sufficient evidence has been
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in charge at the time of death, or from the medical examiners. The National
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a list of the Counsellors and officers in the “Columbian Centinel” and “Inde¬
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of 28 cc. per 2 minutes was reached. The initial high rate was due to the
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experiments, the acid employed consisting of two volumes of 5 per cent.
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chairman to propose the name of a new member to the president
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ing of the society, held April 21,1852, on motion by Dr. Luther V.
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announced the presentation of “An Essay on Contagions and In¬
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strator of anatomy, just vacated by Richard M. Hodges. Thus began a career
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chusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; a new
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of Ayer, Jones of Boston, Pineo of Hyannis, Townsend of Natick and Russell of
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Chapter VIII, Section 1, the chairman or some other member of the committee
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lieve according to the report, entertained widely dif-
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included in this appreciatory resolution. At the same annual meet¬
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lisappeared, the cough was better, and he gradually
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Recipes, remarkable for their novelty and elegance, now
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represented his town in the General Court for many years and was active in
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