September, 2016

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a question arose, respecting its interference with the charter rights of the

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Dr. Treadwell was instrumental in getting a committee to con¬

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struck me most were vesicles on the face as large as

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waking up to the necessity of a uniform system of text-

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attacked him with a hatchet and crushed in his skull.

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proper place, the result of which might have seemed

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sued during the year. Four of our teachers hold state cer-

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by arsenic, 193 ; procidentia, 500 ; relieved by Dr.

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Wir sahen in fruheren Kapiteln, dass das verschiedene Verhalten

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five members including the president, ex officio. 2. That it shall be the duty

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town was erected. He was a trustee of the Westborough Savings Bank, and

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will often see children that are nursing during the

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From the constitution of the “Bristol District Medical Society”

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same always, to list the year of entrance into the society, full

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Surgeons of Boston recognized, with the result that for a short

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Labor and expenses of fitting up the booths, racks, etc 148 81

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lature having passed a bill in March, authorizing the society to publish a