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ed to arrive at Paris between September 3d and 9th.

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the medical centers of Dublin, London, Heidelberg, Vienna, Strassburg and

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that “ hereafter all matters may be referred to the Counsellors or

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no direct parturient effect on the gravid uterus pro-

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another without a change of legal residence must petition the council in writing

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individuals, is the only one we have obtained. Moreover, we

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But the ulcer is my " bugbear." I have tried all forms

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von Pellagrakranken auf Affen konnten keine Krankheitssymptome ausge

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Bruin : or, The Grand Bear Hunt. With Plates. 75 cts.

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By graphic interpolation according to Freundlich's [1907] procedure the

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names of candidates entered accurately on the official list, diplomas

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whenever there is a chronic catarrh of the intestines,

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We have expended for school apparatus in the past two

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The quantity of acetaldehyde found by Roeser in various wine musts after

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next meeting of the council, namely, on June 13, 1899, that while

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times a day to visit a child who has eaten too much

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Goshorn— Thomas. October 12th, at Trinity Church,