September, 2016

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ward paternalism as to warrant such action at pres-

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local recurrence of the disease appeared in less than

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4. Imestigntion of the Stomach with Capsules of Bis-

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numbered 81, of wliom 68 were under one year of age.

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of the jaw was not increased and the enlargement was

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also stopped, but a little later the sputum becomes

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time to time, while externally there may be no trace

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and Blister-drawers, who, as they ma\' have possibl;

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such conditions are made the basis for future ther-

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becoming very severe and extending from the site of in-

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the visiting members might enjoy the festivities, pageant,

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peared to he a good deal of confusion and I stepped into

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But the one thing to remember ia the artificial res-

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mally accepted by the board of trustees. It will be used

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This condition of things steadily progressed for the

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Stages, the object being to remove the disease radi-

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and bv instruction in and the distribution of circu-

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Creel, R. !H., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from

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in a vast majority of cases the lesion in scoliosis is

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deaths ; mumps, 7 cases, 0 deaths ; infantile paralysis, 3

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3. Gonococcus Infection of the Kidney with Reports of

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3. Action of Glycol Aldehyde and Glycerin Aldehyde in

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moved. The water supply of the city is such, and its

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active persons complaining of constipation, haemor-

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of about one minute. This dog received 100 c.c. of air

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of appetite, dryness of the throat, and an increase

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fatal dose, causing death almost instantly. Ninety-

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academy, held on Tuesday evening, December 20th: Dr. A.

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the lower part of the chest and pains in the tibiae,

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with him but it would not be surprising if some vestiges of

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1. Oesophageal Stenosis Following the Swallowing of

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welcome were delivered by the Hon. C. L. Davidson, Mayor

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tion and living processes, an analogy first broached

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tically Young's rule modified to suit the comjnita-

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who in 1628 truly discovered the circulation of the

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the Naval Hospital, New York, \. Y.. and ordered to

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past, but he would not remember in the afternoon what he

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of hereditary origin. The acute infections, bad sani-